How to Use Dow Theory in Binary Options Trading

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Dow theory is a fundamental concept in technical analysis that seeks to identify trends and patterns in financial markets. Learning how to use this theory in binary options trading is important because it allows traders to identify strategic entry and exit points based on clear signs of trend reversal or continuation. This increases the likelihood of making informed trading decisions and consequently increases the chances of making consistent profits in the binary options market.

What is the Dow Theory

Dow Theory, also known as Dow Jones Theory, is a fundamental concept in the technical analysis of the financial market. It was developed by Charles H. Dow, one of the founders of the famous Dow Jones Industrial Average index. The Dow Theory is based on principles that seek to identify trends and patterns in stock price movements. Although it was originally applied to the stock market, this theory can also be used in binary options trading.

The Principles of Dow Theory

The Dow Theory is made up of six basic principles that help understand the dynamics of financial markets. These principles are:

1. Indexes reflect everything

According to Dow Theory, all relevant factors and information that can affect the price of an asset are already reflected in its corresponding index. This means that all available information about a stock is reflected in its current price, making technical analysis a valuable tool for identifying trends.

2. Markets have three trends

The Dow Theory holds that financial markets can follow three basic trends: a primary trend, a secondary trend, and a tertiary trend. The primary trend is the general direction of the market, which can be bullish or bearish. The secondary trend is a temporary correction in the primary trend, usually lasting from three weeks to three months. The tertiary trend is a short-term movement, also known as “market noise”.

3. Trends have three phases

Each trend, whether primary, secondary or tertiary, has three distinct phases. The first phase is accumulation (or distribution, in the case of a downtrend), where informed investors begin to buy (or sell) assets, but the majority of the market does not yet notice the trend. The second phase is public participation, where more investors start to follow the trend and trading volume increases. Finally, the third phase is euphoria (or panic, in the case of a downtrend), where most investors enter the market and the price reaches its peak (or bottom).

4. Mutual confirmation

According to Dow Theory, the primary trends in the different indices must confirm each other. This means that an uptrend in one index must be confirmed by an uptrend in other related indices. This mutual confirmation increases the likelihood that a trend is valid and reliable.

5. Volume confirms the trend

Dow Theory also emphasizes the importance of trading volume in confirming trends. When volume increases during a trend, it indicates that the majority of investors are participating and strengthens the validity of the trend. Conversely, a decrease in volume may indicate an imminent trend reversal.

6. The trend continues until a reversal occurs

Finally, the Dow Theory states that a trend will continue until a clear and definitive reversal occurs. Identifying reversal signals is essential to making informed decisions when trading binary options.

How to use Dow Theory in binary options trading

The Dow Theory can be applied to binary options trading to help traders identify trends and make more informed decisions. Here are some ways to utilize this theory in binary options trading:

1. Identify the primary trend

The first step is to identify the primary market trend. This can be done by analyzing price charts and using technical indicators. If the primary trend is up, traders should focus on call options. If the primary trend is down, put options should be considered.

2. Observe minor corrections

During a primary trend, secondary corrections are common. These corrections are opportunities for traders to enter the market in favor of the primary trend. When a minor correction occurs, traders can use technical indicators to identify favorable entry points for their trades.

3. Confirm the trend with other indices

It is important to confirm the identified trend using other related indices. If the primary trend is upward, for example, it is interesting to check whether other indices are also in an upward trend. This mutual confirmation increases the probability of successful operations.

4. Track trading volume

Trading volume is an important indicator to confirm the validity of a trend. Increases in volume during a trend indicate massive investor participation and strengthen the reliability of the trend. Conversely, a decrease in volume may indicate an imminent trend reversal.

5. Identify reversal signals

Finally, it is crucial to identify reversal signals to avoid trading against the trend. Technical indicators, candlestick patterns and support and resistance analysis can be used to identify possible trend reversal points.


The Dow Theory is a valuable tool in the technical analysis of the financial market, and can be applied in binary options trading. By understanding the principles of Dow Theory and knowing how to use it, traders can make informed decisions and increase their chances of success. However, it is important to remember that no analysis method is infallible, and binary options trading involves significant risks. Always do a thorough analysis and consider other factors before making trading decisions.
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