Long Term Options Trading at Quotex

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Learning Long-Term Options Trading at Quotex is of paramount importance, as this skill allows investors to maximize their profits and reduce risks when carrying out transactions in the financial market. Understanding long-term options trading strategies allows the investor to explore market volatility over time, identify trends and long-term investment opportunities, and utilize advanced analysis and risk management tools offered by the Quotex platform. In short, learning Long Term Options Trading at Quotex provides the investor with a solid foundation for making informed decisions and achieving success in the financial market.


Long-term options trading on Quotex is a popular strategy among investors who want to engage in the financial market more strategically and with a longer investment horizon. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about long-term options trading at Quotex, from the basics to advanced strategies.

What are long term options?

Long-term options are financial contracts that give the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price at a future date. Unlike short-term options, which have a short-term validity, long-term options have a longer validity, usually months to years.

Advantages of Long-Term Options Trading

Long-term options trading offers several advantages compared to short-term trading. One of the main advantages is the time available to make informed decisions. With a longer validity, investors have more time to analyze the market, identify trends and make strategic decisions.

Another advantage is the reduction of the impact of market noise. Short-term volatility can be influenced by unforeseen events or breaking news, which can lead to rapid and unpredictable price movements. However, with long-term options, investors can avoid being affected by these short-term movements.

Additionally, long-term options can offer greater profit potential since price movements can be more significant over a longer period. This can be especially beneficial for investors looking for higher returns on their trades.

How to Trade Long Term Options on Quotex

To start trading long-term options on Quotex, follow the steps below:

1. Open an account with Quotex: The first step is to open an account with Quotex. The registration process is simple and only requires some basic information.

2. Make a deposit: After opening an account, you need to make a deposit to have funds available for trading. Quotex offers several deposit options including bank transfer, credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

3. Choose the underlying asset: After making a deposit, you can choose the underlying asset you want to trade. Quotex offers a wide range of assets including currencies, stocks, commodities and indices.

4. Select the long-term option: When choosing the underlying asset, you can select the long-term option on the Quotex trading platform. Be sure to choose the expiration date that best suits your investment strategy.

5. Carry out market analysis: Before making a trade, it is important to carry out a market analysis to identify possible trends and patterns. Use technical and fundamental analysis tools to make informed decisions.

6. Open the trade: After performing the market analysis, you can open the trade on Quotex. Choose the investment amount, define the exercise price and the direction of movement of the asset's price.

7. Monitor the trade: Once the trade has been opened, it is important to monitor your position regularly. Monitor the movement of the asset's price and be prepared to take action if necessary.

8. Close the trade: When the option expiration date arrives, you can close the trade and realize the profits or losses. Remember that long-term options can be held until their expiration date or sold early, depending on your preferences and strategies.

Long-Term Options Trading Strategies

There are several strategies that can be used in long-term options trading on Quotex. Here are some of the most common strategies:

1. Buying a call or put: This is a simple strategy in which you buy a call if you believe the price of the underlying asset will rise or a put if you believe the price will fall. This strategy is suitable for investors who have a strong opinion about the direction of the market.

2. Covered Selling: In this strategy, you sell a covered call on an existing position in the underlying asset. This strategy can be used to generate additional income by owning an underlying asset.

3. Credit Spread: This strategy involves selling a call option and buying a call option with a higher strike price. The difference between premiums received and paid is the net credit, which is the maximum potential profit.

4. Combination of options: In this strategy, you combine the purchase of a call option and a put option with different strike prices. This strategy can be used when significant volatility in the price of the underlying asset is expected.


Long-term options trading at Quotex offers investors a long-term, strategic approach to the financial market. With a longer expiration, investors have more time to make informed decisions and avoid the impact of short-term market noise. Additionally, long-term options can offer greater profit potential. However, it is important to remember that options trading involves risks and it is recommended that investors obtain adequate knowledge and consult financial professionals before starting any trade.
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1. Carry out a complete analysis: Before trading using the Quotex broker, it is important to carry out a complete analysis of the market. Study charts, indicators and trends to make more informed decisions.

2. Use a defined strategy: Having a well-defined operating strategy is essential to operating successfully. Define your objectives, the type of operation you want to carry out (day trade, swing trade, etc.) and follow your strategy in a disciplined manner.

3. Use risk management tools: Trading on the stock market involves risks, so it is important to use risk management tools to protect your capital. Establish stop loss (loss limit) and take profit (profit limit) to ensure that your operations are controlled and do not result in large losses.